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Essentials Box

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The Fresh Essentials box will typically contain 26 essential staples for just £25

The box is brimming with supplies that have been in high demand amid the pandemic, including cereal, fresh fruit and vegetables, tea, coffee, flour, eggs, cheese and milk.
Price: £25.00


Essentials Box, Fruit & Vegetables and other every day essentials, utilising the best local produce wherever possible. 1 x Box Cereal 1 x Apple or Orange Juice 1L 2 x bananas 2 x apples 2 x oranges 4 x potatoes 1 x leek 1x lettuce 1 x butternut squash 1 x spring onions 1 x bunch carrots 1 x courgette 200g tomatoes 1 x cauliflower or broccoli 1 x small bunch grapes 1 x onion 1 x biscuits 1 x 200g cheese 1 x 6 free range eggs 1 x Yorkshire tea or Nescafe coffee 1 x 1L milk 1 x plain flour

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